Reflection: Student Feedback The Whipping Boy - Visualize - Section 4: Illustrate an Event


When we finished the visualization pictures, I had a student suggest that we have each student show their picture and have the class guess which scene from the whipping boy it was.  The students sure enjoyed trying to guess which events they were.  (They didn't even realize that they were reviewing events from the story at the same time!)  I would highly recommend adding this activity as a culminating activity if you have time. 

  Guess the Event!
  Student Feedback: Guess the Event!
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The Whipping Boy - Visualize

Unit 14: The Whipping Boy
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Objective: SWBAT apply what they know about visualizing a text to help them better understand and comprehend the text.

Big Idea: In this lesson we will take a deeper look at how visualizing the text as we read aides in a deeper comprehension of the text.

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English / Language Arts, medieval times, Reading, Comprehension (Reading), comprehension, visualizing, The Whipping Boy
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