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This lesson is a "bridge" lesson. Up to this point, students have exclusively solved story problems with the missing whole. This lesson bridges their understanding from just story problems to also solving number sentences where the whole is missing.

The game still allows for a story to be happening in the background of the number sentence. Students write the equation and put a box for the missing whole. The equation doesn't give all of the details of a story problem, but students are still acting out each step because of the game. This is a scaffold for them. The "cookies" help them remember what each part of the number sentence means.

As students play the game, they get more and more comfortable with just solving the equation!

  Why this game?
  Lesson Planning: Why this game?
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If you give a mouse a cookie...

Unit 11: Missing Parts: Unknowns in All Positions
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: SWBAT solve for the missing whole in a subtraction problem.

Big Idea: Who doesn't love Laura Numeroff''s If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?! Connect to that well loved story and play a cookie themed game to practice start unknown subtraction problems.

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