Reflection: Pacing Get Your "Write" On! Writing On Demand Arguments and Writing Informational Texts - Section 2: Application: Writing on Demand


About half way through the writing period, I noticed that some students were working much too hard to complete organizer 1 or  organizer 2 (their choice) and had not begun the process of writing any of their paragraphs, so I paused and gave some suggestions to the whole group for staying on pace. I reminded them that the organizer is just a way to gather and organize their ideas. I also told them that I would be grading the final product (the writing), so they need to put much more effort into the writing than the organizer. I encouraged my students to use shorthanded notes on the organizer and to save their writing energy for the actual argumentative paper.

After giving my students this advice, I noticed more of them starting their introductions. This is what I want to see--more focus on writing. I understand the importance of pre-writing, but I do not want the pre-writing to overshadow the writing!

  Pacing: Keeping Students on Pace
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Get Your "Write" On! Writing On Demand Arguments and Writing Informational Texts

Unit 15: Writing Arguments
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: SWBAT write arguments to support claims in an on demand writing assignment and write informative texts to convey ideas by writing newspaper articles

Big Idea: Students get their "write" on! Writing the Day Away with Arguments and News

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