Reflection: Lesson Planning Shelving Skylanders - Section 2: Teacher Demonstration


When planning this first lesson, I had to work through the following questions: 

  • How should I teach the long division steps?
  • Should I teach students how to solve division problems involving up to 4-digit dividends right away? 
  • Should I include problems with remainders?
  • How much practice time with they need to become proficient?
  • Should I provide a real-world application (Math Practice 4)? 

After teaching this lesson, I discovered the following answers to the above questions. 

  • Long division steps can successfully be taught using a variety of modalities: visual (using color-categories & clipart), memorization strategies (acronym: Dad-Mom-Sister-Brother), auditory (song).  
  • I chose to focus only on problems with 2-digit dividends without remainders and I'm sure glad I did. I believe that long division is one of the hardest concepts that my students will learn this year. The more I break down the learning progression, the easier it will be for my students to grasp these concepts. 
  • During this lesson, it became clear to me that ample practice is necessary for students to memorize and practice the steps to solving long division problems. Most students were able to divide, multiply, subtract, and then bring down, but struggled with Repeating the Steps.MOV
  • I was so glad that I used a real-world application (Skylanders problem). The numbers in the algorithm weren't just numbers to the students! They were Skylanders and shelves! 

  Lesson Planning: Reflection
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Shelving Skylanders

Unit 7: Multi-Digit Division
Lesson 1 of 9

Objective: SWBAT solve division problems with 2-digit dividends using the standard algorithm.

Big Idea: Students will learn the standard algorithm process using simpler problems before applying this understanding to more complex division problems.

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Math, long division, division, number talk
  100 minutes
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