Reflection: Exit Tickets Solving Quadratic Equations with Perfect Squares - Section 3: Closure


Here are some examples of students' work on today's Ticket out the Door:

You can see from these exit tickets, most students had a solid grasp of the skills in this lesson.  I was happy about the sequence of instruction in this lesson because it had a good flow to lead student from one variation to the next.  Because this lesson was mostly skill based, I would have liked to tie in some conceptual understanding at the end of the lesson using the ticket out.  The next time I teach this lesson, I am going to add a writing prompt where students explain how to solve x^2-12=0 to assess more about student's thinking.

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Solving Quadratic Equations with Perfect Squares

Unit 6: Quadratic Functions
Lesson 8 of 21

Objective: SWBAT solve a difference of two perfect squares quadratic equation by taking square roots and factoring.

Big Idea: This lesson will serve as a precursor to the concept of completing the square.

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