Reflection: Organizational Systems Rereading Act 2 to Analyze Literary Devices - Section 2: Second Read of Act 2


Returning from an absence is like walking into swimming pool without knowing how to swim and not knowing that the water in the pool has been replaced by quicksand.

You have no idea what was accomplished.  You have no idea how things went.  If you're lucky, the sub left a two sentence record that said they were there.  If you're really lucky, they wrote down how each class went. If you're unlucky, you didn't have a sub and a different teacher had to sub for you each period. The kids tell you one thing and who knows what happened?

Which one will you get?  An eight-ball would probably give you more information than you sometimes get from sub notes.

I've learned not to plan things that require students to accomplish a specific task the day I'm out.  It never goes well.  The kids clamor, "But the sub didn't tell us!" And since you have no idea what the sub said or didn't say or if the sub said the same thing every period, you have to believe the kids.  Or I do, anyway. 

I also recommend planning some activity that students can do quickly and independently while you figure out what they did get done. You can also wonder during that time why you didn't just take the easy way out and have the sub show a Twilight Zone episode.

  Returning from an Absence
  Organizational Systems: Returning from an Absence
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Rereading Act 2 to Analyze Literary Devices

Unit 11: Analyzing Literature and Integrating Knowledge with Act 2 of “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street”
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Objective: Students will be able to analyze the development of conflict, climax, and mood by rereading Act 2 and making notes on a plot diagram.

Big Idea: We notice more about the mood, conflict, and characters when we reread.

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