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I always have at least a few students who don’t want to complete the activity because they say they can’t draw. Inside this always makes me laugh because I’m terrible at drawing and I adore kids’ artwork! I always explain to them that this isn’t for a grade and if it were I would surely fail as there is no one in the room who draws worse than me! Then when I complete my own “-ish” portrait and they see I’m not kidding, it creates a much more relaxed environment when we do anything artistic in the future. 

  It never fails...
  Trust and Respect: It never fails...
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Your -ish Self

Unit 4: Getting to Know You with Literature
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Objective: SWBAT create a self portrait depicting a version of themselves they've always wanted to be.

Big Idea: After listening to the book, "Ish," students create self-portraits that identify a skill they've always wanted to master. The portraits are used both to introduce students to the class, but also to find commonalities between peers.

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English / Language Arts, Literature, Reading, Beginning of the Year, Getting to Know You, Ish
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