Reflection: Student Ownership Solving and Proving Linear Inequalities in One Variable - Section 3: Collaborative Group Work: Practice Solving Inequalities


I tried a novel instructional strategy in class today that worked really well (as evidenced by the student samples: Ownership 1 and Ownership 2

I had students work in pairs and take turns completing a step in the one variable inequalities. This strategy worked well because students had to communicate and rely on each other. I also think that the instructional strategy increased student ownership: since they had to support and rely on a classmate, there was more motivation to remain engaged and communicate with each other to successfully solve the problems. 

I had students use different colored pencils just so I could assess how individual students were progressing on their understanding of the day's learning objective and skills.

  Student Ownership: Solving Inequalities and Student Ownership through Collaboration
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Solving and Proving Linear Inequalities in One Variable

Unit 2: Its Not Always a Straight Answer: Linear Equations and Inequalities in 1 Variable
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: SWBAT... 1. Solve linear inequalities in one variable, including inequalities with letters as coefficients.

Big Idea: Students learn that being close enough counts in horseshoes and inequalities!

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