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It is March 21, and I live in North Carolina.  I should be sitting by the pool sipping a drink with a toothpick umbrella in it...but no, it is cold and all is covered in ice.  We have had 11 snow days and are expecting another one next week.  We have not been to school on a Tuesday yet this March - again - I LIVE IN NORTH CAROLINA!!! The superintendent and the school board waived 4 of the snow days due to a state of emergency our town experienced in the last ice storm.  

What do I do as a teacher to make up a week of instruction?  I have to make adjustments.  I lost four days, I am not getting those back.  I am still required to give district assessments that take up additional days of instruction.  

I took a good look at my curriculum and thought long and hard about how I could make adjustments - and at this time I have decided that I am not going to test on this unit this year.  Instead of spending a day assessing this one unit - I stepped up my formative assessment to get a good grasp of where my students stand with the topic, and I am going to include 5 questions on the next test on this material.  


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  Adjustments to Practice: 11 Snow Days and Counting...
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Geometric Figures Test

Unit 7: Geometric Figures
Lesson 14 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to solve problems involving geometric figures.

Big Idea: Test! Today's lesson allows students to show what they have learned about relationships in geometric figures.

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