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Call me competitive, but it warms my heart when I hear kids say "math is so fun," "math is my favorite class."  I don't care if they like me, but I love to hear them put math in the same sentence as fun and favorite.  My least favorite subject as a kid was Social Studies...I think because I never had a teacher that made it fun for me.  Math - I always loved, and I want to share that love with my students.  

Kids love games, and it is easy to make math by some property doesn't that make kids love math?  My students really love the spinner game, it gets many of the less than motivated children to the board, and it gives them immediate rewards - points, stamps, and candy!  All the while, they are solving math problems that help strengthen their fluency :)

  Game Time!
  Joy: Game Time!
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All Angle Relationships - Fluency

Unit 7: Geometric Figures
Lesson 12 of 14

Objective: Students will apply their knowledge of angle relationships to set up and solve equations to find missing values.

Big Idea: Equations and geometry - a match made in heaven!

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Math, Geometry, geometric equations
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