Reflection: Continuous Assessment Solving and Proving Compound Inequalities - Section 5: Exit Ticket: Idea Organizer on Solving and Proving Compound Inequalities


There are so many ways to check for student understanding. I like to try and utilize Classwork as a way to gauge student understanding in an environment with teacher and peer support.

Writing is a tool that I use all the time to gauge student understanding. I often assign writing assignments as exit tickets and use them to assess student understanding of the days concepts. The three writing examples in this reflection demonstrate various levels of student understanding:

Compound Inequalities 1

Compound Inequalities 2

Compound Inequalities 3

In these three examples, I can get a good idea of individual student progress in a given unit and across a school year. I also utilize exit tickets and assessments to assess understanding at the class level. I use the class wide data to adjust my own teaching practice and instruction. 

  Continuous Assessment: Exit Tickets as Checks for Understanding and Continuous Assessment
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Solving and Proving Compound Inequalities

Unit 2: Its Not Always a Straight Answer: Linear Equations and Inequalities in 1 Variable
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: SWBAT...1. Solve and prove compound inequalities 2. Create a viable argument and critique the reasoning of others

Big Idea: Students actively engage in the note-taking process to master an important skill in Algebra!

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