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The versatiles activity is always a great way for my students to practice.  They like knowing right away whether they got the right answer or not, and they actually persevere more in solving the problems because they know the list of possible answers.  PLUS - I always tell them that I am human and make mistakes - so bonus points if you can find a mistake!  That is like a challenge for them :)  

Today this activity allowed me the time to catch some students up that had been out.  We have had a string of stomach viruses run through many of the students, so this activity allows me the time to sit and help those who need it.

  Versatiles Reflection
  Student Self-Assessment: Versatiles Reflection
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Interior Angles of a Triangle

Unit 7: Geometric Figures
Lesson 11 of 14

Objective: Students will apply their knowledge of angle relationships to set up and solve equations to find missing values in a triangle.

Big Idea: Equations and geometry - a match made in heaven!

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Math, Geometry, geometric equations
  60 minutes
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