Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Manipulating Rational and Irrational Numbers - Section 4: Study Guide for Mid-Unit Quiz


The creating your own study guide did not go as planned in my Fundamentals course today. In order to identify the barriers to learning I had the class complete a Create Own Study Guide Reflection as a whole class. 

The ensuing discussion was extremely helpful to me as a teacher on how I can make improvements to the exercise. Many students were honest in their part of the activity not going well (lack of attention, etc.) but the class also generated a lot of good ideas on how to provide more support to make the activity more accessible and engaging. For example, the students did appreciate the learning objectives, but felt like they needed their space more organized. In a future activity on significant figures, I did purposively provide more organized space to highlight where students could write in example problems. 

Teaching is an iterative and ever-changing process. It is important to celebrate the successes, and perhaps more importantly, learn about those days that don't go well. As hard as it can be, trying to take a step back and identify 1-2 barriers to learning, and then making a plan for how to minimize those barriers, is one simple yet useful protocol/tools to improve teaching and learning.

  Student Self-Assessment: Reflecting on Activities that Don't Go as Planned
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Manipulating Rational and Irrational Numbers

Unit 2: Its Not Always a Straight Answer: Linear Equations and Inequalities in 1 Variable
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Objective: SWBAT... 1. Compare and contrast rational and irrational numbers 2. Reflect on current understanding of solving equations and inequalities and develop a study plan.

Big Idea: Students compare and contrast rational and irrational numbers to identify patterns and define a structure for working with both sets of numbers!

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