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Major reflection!  After teaching this lesson to my advanced class, I noticed that the students really lacked skills in naming angles and understanding their relationship.  If my advanced class struggled... So, I actually split this lesson into two, and I did just angle relationships and naming angles the first day, and then spent the second day working on setting up and solving equations. See attached files: Angle Pairs OpenerAngle Pairs NotesNaming Angles AssignmentAngle Pairs Smartboard (pdf), Angle Pairs SmartboardEquations and Angles OpenerEquations and Angles NotesEquations and Angles HomeworkEquations and Angles Smartboard (pdf), Equations and Angles Smartboard.

  Pacing: Naming Angles
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Angle Pairs

Unit 7: Geometric Figures
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Objective: Students will investigate relationships between angle pairs.

Big Idea: Supplementary, complementary, vertical, adjacent...what's the relationship?

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