Reflection: Advanced Students Analyzing Protagonists, Antagonists, and Falling Action - Section 2: Analyzing Plot: Protagonist and Antagonist


I had students write their paragraphs  for the fishbowl discussions after all the fishbowls were done.  That works for honors students, but would fail miserably for co-taught.  For my co-taught classes, the three fishbowls would be done on different days.  Students would write their paragraph on the day of the fishbowl.  If the fishbowls were held on our block period, we would conduct fishbowl 1, write a paragraph, do fishbowl 2 and write a paragraph.  We certainly wouldn't save them for three days.

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Analyzing Protagonists, Antagonists, and Falling Action

Unit 11: Analyzing Literature and Integrating Knowledge with Act 2 of “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street”
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Objective: Students will be able to analyze characters and plot by discussing the protagonist, antagonist, and falling action in a fishbowl discussion.

Big Idea: Students grapple with protagonist and antagonist in a fishbowl discussion.

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