Reflection: Problem-based Approaches Jump the Line - Section 2: Active Engagement


I was really surprised to see the different strategies students used to find the "1" on the yarn number line.  I started with that, assuming that they would simply fold the yarn in half and mark the spot with a 1, just as we did with our paper fraction strips.  

However, only one group did that right away.  Some tried a "guess and check", by placing a finger where they thought the middle was, and then folding to see if both sides were the same.  Another team asked for a yard stick so they could measure and divide.  One group just eyeballed it!

I am constantly reminded why simple, yet powerful, tasks like these are necessary.  When students are truly asked to apply what they know and use teamwork to accomplish a task, I rediscover that I should never assume that I know what they know based on work on a paper.  Seeing them in action and listening to their discussion is the authentic assessment of their knowledge.

  Don't Assume!
  Problem-based Approaches: Don't Assume!
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Jump the Line

Unit 7: Fractions: More Than A Whole
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: Students will be able to identify fractional parts on a number line.

Big Idea: Whole objects and sets of objects are not the only things that can be divided into fractional parts. Knowing how number lines can be partitioned is important to the application of fractions to everyday tasks.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Fractions, numerator, denominator, whole, interval, partition, unit fractions, Fraction, number line, end point, equal length, Critical Area
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