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I review the sentence starters for accountable talk and model a conversation that could occur if my partner and I disagree on a question. I actually role play the scenario with a student by acting it out, and then call on a couple of other students to model other potential disagreements. Students love to role play the 'wrong way' to do things, which can be comical, but it's important to have those discussions around how to problem solve- because inevitably it will happen. We do a lot of role plays to model what it looks like and sounds like to be accountable to our partners and for our learning in a responsible way. I want to ensure students really internalize the way to work together, agree and disagree respectfully and how to arrive at a solution on their own. 

There is a power point for reference as well as the sentence stems that I use in my room within the resources. 

  Accountability: Accountable Talk
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Time Scavenger Hunt

Unit 6: Telling Time
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT identify the correct time and answer problems involving time.

Big Idea: Students can use what they know about problem solving to solve time problems.

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Math, Measurement, Determining Measurements, telling time, time
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