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Mastery (or lack of mastery) of differentiating between proper nouns and common nouns is mostly seen in students' writing.  This is one place where students are expected to self-assess in my classroom (after this lesson has been taught).  I love reminding students to, "Go and check your nouns."-- they have to go and figure out the problem for themselves! 

I am aware that some students will need reminders of this many times before they can command a grasp of the concept; so, I make sure that I plan time in lessons, throughout the year, to cover proper nouns.  For example, I might take a moment in our main selection story of the week to say, "Johnny is a dentist.  is Johnny a proper noun?  What about dentist; is dentist a proper noun?"  Something like this is simple and takes little time, but it does take planning- that is my job, but it's not a difficult one! 

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Proper Noun?

Unit 9: Language Skills
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Objective: SWBAT discuss whether or not nouns are common or proper; therefore, they will be able to determine if the nouns do/do not need a capital letter.

Big Idea: CaPiTal LeTtEr needed for this noun? Make them confident!

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