Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Time for Andrew: Visiting the Past - Section 5: Closure


One of the most surprising elements of this lesson was how disappointed the kids were when we concluded after lunch.  The debunking video was a real downer to some of my classroom population.  This actually shouldn't have surprised me.  I have to admit, as I looked through a ton of "time travel" youtube videos and accounts as I constructed the lesson, it was easy to get caught up in the supposed cell phones of the past or out of the norm people in pictures, etc.  It's the reason we watch movies like "Back to the Future" and love them.  Time Travel is a fascinating concept.  As well received as the lesson was, next year before I show the debunking video, I'll take a vote to see how many kids believe time travel is real, and have a brief discussion specifically about why it <probably> isn't.  This way, when they watch the two comedians they won't be as bummed out. 

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Time for Andrew: Visiting the Past

Unit 12: Creative Writing Fun
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: TSWBAT use a central theme from the novel, Time for Andrew, to write creatively.

Big Idea: What (or who) doesn't belong?

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