Reflection: Intervention and Extension Teacher Conferences and Writing Our Good Copies - Day 7 Sharks - Section 3: Student/Teacher Conferencing


I have a video that shows some examples of corrections that I've made on students papers.  I can't really videotape myself as I'm conferencing with a student.  So I hope that the video gives you a clearer understanding of what I actually talk about with students during conferences.  There is a lot of dialogue that happens in a conference and I do ask my students many questions that lead them to understanding their mistakes so the next time they write, they are more aware of what they're doing. I hope the video gives you some ideas about how you can conference with your students.

  Intervention and Extension: Conferences Aren't Just An Opportunity to Mark Up a Paper
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Teacher Conferences and Writing Our Good Copies - Day 7 Sharks

Unit 5: Analyzing Author's Craft and Expository Writing on Sharks
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Objective: SWBAT implement feedback and revise in order to improve their writing.

Big Idea: We are coming into the home stretch. After conferencing with the teacher, the students will implement the changes in their writing when creating their final draft.

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