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The great thing about this lesson is it's flexibility. There are many ways I could improve this going forward. There are different ways in which students can present. I can have one student present each day, which I normally do, or perhaps do a few in a day. Either way as long as students are talking about books, I am happy.

Another option I want to consider for next year is keeping track of these book talks. While I keep track of the book talks I present, I think it would be beneficial do keep track of the books student present. They can always refer back to this list throughout the year for a reminder of a book they would like to read and I can also refer students to the list when we are trying to find books to read.

What's great about a lesson like this is that it allows students to take ownership of the class discussion in a productive manner. In this case, students are talking about books and this really create a community of readers. It becomes more than just an individual experience. When students are in a community they are much more inclined to see the value in their work.

  Ideas For Future Book talk Unit
  Organizational Systems: Ideas For Future Book talk Unit
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Booktalk Presentations

Unit 10: Independent Reading
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: SWBAT present booktalks to foster student interest independent reading texts.

Big Idea: Let's talk about books! Listening to our peers to plan our next read.

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