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Many of my advanced students have finished their first books and are eager to read more. One girl in particular asked if she could take a second book home over spring break. We had a great conversation about her novel (The Handmaid's Tale) and what she enjoyed about it and then I suggested that she read The Road by Cormac McCarthy, which was a choice for two of the other cores, but not our class.

I suggested this title because I thought she might like to have the nice contrast between a female narrator and a male narrator as well as the opportunity to read a post-apocalyptic story and compare that to her novel, which describes the aftermath of post-apocalyptic, nuclear fallout.

I am actually reading The Road for the first time myself, so I was able to offer some of my own observations of the text as a first time reader. I think she's hooked...and I'm excited to see what kinds of connections ideas she will be able to derive from this additional reading/thinking. 

  Reading More than One Book
  Advanced Students: Reading More than One Book
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Dystopian Novels: Book Club Four Preparation

Unit 14: Literary: Dystopian Fiction Literature Circles
Lesson 11 of 13

Objective: SWBAT draw evidence from literary text to support analysis and reflection by completing individual tasks to prepare for group discussions.

Big Idea: Gearing up for our final opportunity to let our analysis/work shine in book club discussions.

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