Reflection: Complex Tasks Running and the Domain of Middle Earth: Modeling a Run and a Hobbit's Journey through Piece-wise Functions - Section 2: Class Activity: Using Piece-Wise Functions to Model Situations: Jim's Run


The scenario of Jim's Run provides students with a number of complex tasks. At the beginning, I appreciate how the activity supports students in their thinking about connecting the idea of various rates of change to model a real-life scenario (see Student Sample 1 Piece Wise Functions and Student Sample 2 Piece Wise Functions for examples of student work in this area).

In addition, the task asks students to create a number of "mini" linear functions, that when taken together create the piece wise function that models Jim's run (Student Sample 3 Creating Piece Wise Functions). 

The writing prompts for this problem-based activity (Student Sample 4 Writing about Piece Wise Functions) provides students with the opportunity to not only express their thinking through writing, but also provides students with time and space to interpret piece wise functions and interpret the meaning of the function based on a scenario.

  Complex Tasks: The "Pieces" of Piece Wise Functions as a Complex Task
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Running and the Domain of Middle Earth: Modeling a Run and a Hobbit's Journey through Piece-wise Functions

Unit 3: Everything is Relative: Linear Functions
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Objective: SWBAT interpret key features (domain,rates of change) of graphs of piece-wise functions; SWBAT model and critique models of everyday situations by creating piece-wise functions.

Big Idea: Students model the many adventures of hobbit Frodo Baggins while exploring the concept of domain AND learning how to graph piece-wise functions!

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