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In this activity I allowed my students to form their own groups of three, in one case four.  I find students work better and more apt to finish the activity if they choose the students they want to work with.  Which is a good thing, however, one drawback is that it can get loud with a lot of off task talking.  This off task talking can lead to taking to long to finish.

To support student productivity during collaborative work time I find that by going from group to group helps to ensure on task conversations.  In my class I found it works best if I keep my visits to each group short and visit each group more than once.  It also helps to set the timer, this way students can see how much time they have to work with and, in my class, motivates them to want to finish before the clock chimes.

There are times when I group by reading groups so that I can work with my less independent group more.  Sometimes I want specific students to work together because of skill or language level, in these cases I partner the groups.  And, let's be honest, sometimes there are students who for whatever reason should not work together - it is very important to be aware of these cases and not let them work together.

  Choosing Their Own Partners
  Student Grouping: Choosing Their Own Partners
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Introducing the Characters and Events

Unit 1: Events and Characters
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Objective: SWBAT describe the major events in the story and how the main character responds to those events.

Big Idea: I did that first, now I am going to do this! Students will be introduced to character reactions to the events in the story, and how they are related.

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