Reflection: Checks for Understanding The Whipping Boy - Determining Author's Purpose - Section 3: Author's Purpose Pie Charts


This task became a formative assessment where I could clear up some misunderstandings. As the students were looking through the book orders determining the author's purpose for writing each of those books, we took a brief moment to talk about the author's purpose versus the club's purpose.  The students were thinking that the books which were sold before one dollar for example were pervasive in nature.  They figured the author was persuading the reader with the low price.  They also thought that the books with a toy or some kind of three-dimensional object offered with the book were persuasive in nature. They figured the author was persuading you to buy the book by giving you a free toy with it.  We talked about how the company was actually the one trying to persuade you to buy the book with these sales tactics. These things did not mean that the author's purpose was to persuade us. An author trying to persuade us would want us to think or feel a certain way about a topic.   

  Clearing Up a Misunderstanding
  Checks for Understanding: Clearing Up a Misunderstanding
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The Whipping Boy - Determining Author's Purpose

Unit 14: The Whipping Boy
Lesson 4 of 18

Objective: SWBAT determine the author's purpose for writing a text.

Big Idea: We will learn today that determining the author's purpose for writing a text is as easy as PIE!

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