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Some may ask why is this a separate lesson, and not just include this skill when I was teaching the other lessons with the book.

I could have included this with the caption lesson, or the discussed it when I was talking about the characters. Actually some of the shirts and actions grandma was doing was brought up during those lessons. However, I did not want to take away from what the focus of those other lessons were. Time allowed me to go back to this shorter lesson, and explicitly teach students about really stopping and understanding what they are reading. This is critical at this age. Many of my students read to be finished, and/or read to be able to answer a question at the end of the book only to many times get it wrong because they didn't really comprehend the story. 

I felt this lesson was necessary to help students see that good readers stop when they are unsure of something and investigate the entire page, not just the typed words. I also wanted them to see that the exploration did not have to be a daunting task. It was fun!

Common Core wants students to be college and career ready. I know they are only in first grade, but lets start now teaching them how to stop and figure out what the text is actually telling them. This is a skill they will need in all the years to come.

  Why A Separate Lesson
  Adjustments to Practice: Why A Separate Lesson
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Wemberly Worried Expanding Vocabulary

Unit 2: Wemberly Worried
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: SWBAT use prior knowledge and context clues to determine the meaning of words in a story

Big Idea: Be a detective! Many texts have sayings that add to the meaning of the story, but students don't realize they have meaning. Students stop reading over these sayings and understand how they relate to story.

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English / Language Arts, Vocabulary, context clue, Reading, Writing, prior knowledge, Wemberly Worried
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