Reflection: High Expectations Afghanistan Women Writers Project: Reading to Identify Author's Purpose (Day 2 of 2) - Section 2: Groups Read Printed Memoirs for Author's Purpose


Mastery pairs take extra time, no doubt about it.  Not only did we jigsaw three longer pieces of informational text, but each student had to  prepare his or her section to teach the group, and this preparation created the need for a mastery pairing.  I found this to be a somewhat messy part of class in terms of classroom management, because I did not organize whom they would pair with.  Some even did mastery pairs in groups of three, but honestly, it all paid off and paid off bigtime when the students then returned to their groups to share what they knew.  Every student had something substantial written that they could offer to their groups.  It was really neat to see them practicing active listening, too (SL.9-10.1).  

I have to say that few teachers take the time to do mastery pairs, but I would recommend it at least once per week as a way of fostering strong cooperative learning and positive interdependence.  Simply having students meet in a group to do a task is not cooperative learning, but having each student offer something meaningful to the group that is then valued and worked with, that is true cooperative learning.

  Mastery Pairs and Formal Groupings
  High Expectations: Mastery Pairs and Formal Groupings
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Afghanistan Women Writers Project: Reading to Identify Author's Purpose (Day 2 of 2)

Unit 9: Ghosts of Afghanistan: Exploring the legacy of the war(s) in research, media production, and letter writing
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT determine author's purpose by reading Afghan women's writers' memoirs, taking notes, and teaching.

Big Idea: Afghan women tell their stories in a powerful online collaborative,; our students respond with focused empathy and insight!

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