Reflection: Relevance A Guest Author Inspires Students to Express Themselves By Writting"I Am" Poems - Section 4: Wrap Up


The video clip of my student reading his "I AM" poem illustrates the success of the lessons.  I think the motivating factor for students' engagement in the poetry lesson was its relevance to their personal lives.  I think we can all agree that relevance is a key component to intrinsically motivating student learning.  This lesson established both a personal and real-world relevance.  Providing students with models of other teens poems was also a key factor in motivating them to express themselves.

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A Guest Author Inspires Students to Express Themselves By Writting"I Am" Poems

Unit 13: Expressive Writing
Lesson 6 of 15

Objective: SWBAT identify and interpret themes and word choice by giving supporting evidence from poems read and written. SWBAT write poetry about their own life experiences by writing " I" poems.

Big Idea: How to inspire urban students to write meaningful "I Am" poetry.

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i am just a man
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