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I do not hide my love of Pinterest, and I found the coolest FREE download from—two days after I taught this lesson!  The graph and addition pages in this packet are so dang cute!  (All of the resource pages are really nice quality—for sure.)  I would have totally used the free materials from this awesome download if I stumbled across them just a couple days earlier!  Is it a teacher thing, or am I alone when I get so very excited to discover cool, free stuff?!

If you’re a fan of Extension activities, this download has a zillion extension activities!  I am not sure that all of the activities are entirely kindergarten level, and of course, with any download, I use what works for my class and file the other stuff.  The graph and addition pages go nicely with this lesson, though, and add an extra amount of cute.  (I’m a sucker for cute—without question!)

If “cute” isn’t your thing, by all means, the resources I posted with this lesson will do the job.  They worked great for me and my turkeys!  This is just a reminder of how teaching is such an ongoing, reflective process.  Even when I think I have a lesson “down,” I’m always on the lookout for ways to make it better.    

  Cute pages--found on Pinterest!
  Online Resources: Cute pages--found on Pinterest!
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Lucky Charms St. Patrick's Day Fun!

Unit 5: Comparing Numbers
Lesson 7 of 9

Objective: SWBAT use Lucky Charms cereal to create and interpret a graph and review addition.

Big Idea: Lucky Charms are so festive and so fun in March! We compare numbers and review basic addition skills.

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