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When I originally started planning this lesson I wanted to do two things.  The first was to give teachers an idea of ways to help their students make effective endings.  I have never found any lists of strategies to teach students how to write an effective ending, so, when I became stuck I asked for help from my literacy coach at school.  She found a great article for me and I was able to find the strategies that I've shared with you in this lesson. I also have the article for you here in the resource section.

The second thing I wanted to accomplish was to make the lesson very similar to our amazing introduction lesson.  My students responded so well to that lesson that I knew I wanted to create something similar to continue that success.  What I liked about our amazing introductions lesson is that students have a menu of choices in which to create a great introduction.  They can look at their menu and actually make choices when crafting their writing.  I wanted to do the same thing with this lesson because I feel this encourages creativity and independence in my students. This is why today's lesson looks so much like our amazing introduction lessons from our crab writing unit.  I wanted to continue with a good thing.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Don't Fix What Isn't Broken
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Excellent Endings

Unit 5: Analyzing Author's Craft and Expository Writing on Sharks
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT choose from a menu of strategies of how to create an effective ending to their stories.

Big Idea: How are a present and an informational paragraph alike? You have to wrap both of them up!

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