Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Reading about Verona and Writing Letters to Juliet - Section 2: Learning About Juliet's Secretaries


The next time that I read this article with students, I will include visuals:

I will have or project a map.

  • The article explains how differently the letters are based on home country: The Italians are emotional, the Arabs superficial. The last section also poignantly quotes one letter from a Pakistani, which the students did not understand. A map would help them see that Pakistan is located in a war-torn area, and thus the comment suggests a lot about the writer's upbringing, which in turn suggests a lot about how our American upbringing alters our views on love. 


I will have photos of the balcony and the wall of letters ready. 

  • Photos of Juliet's courtyard, the tourists, and the thousands of letters will make the article more real, and maybe more relevant. 

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Reading about Verona and Writing Letters to Juliet

Unit 15: Romeo and Juliet Act 2: Analysis of Character and Tension
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT analyze in detail how an author's ideas are developed and refined by particular sentences by reading a New York Times article and writing a response.

Big Idea: Dear Juliet, Let me tell you all my problems..

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