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When I analyzed the most recent district benchmark test in math, I observed that 19/29 students missed at least one question in which their error was related to a basic fact or regrouping in addition and subtraction.  

Additionally, some of these students had demonstrated a higher level of mastery previously.  This is not a new problem of practice.  Throughout my 17 years of working with young children, I have seen errors that result from lack of knowledge of basic facts, rushing, and seeming lack of retention of previously mastered skills.  Therefore I intentionally move away from some topics for awhile (example, adding and subtracting with regrouping) so that I later have time to come back in and teach a second cycle.  It has been my personal experience that at the end of the year students who have cycled through several review series are more successful in mastering grade level skills that students who study something (say multi-digit subtraction with regrouping) intensely for 2-3 weeks and then never return to it.

  The Importance of Review
  Grade Book and Data Analysis: The Importance of Review
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Volcanoes and Elapsed Time in Centuries!

Unit 17: Volcanoes (Data Collection, Graphs, Addition & Subtraction)
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Objective: SWBAT determine how long ago volcanoes in the Four Corners area of the U.S. were active, using the Smithsonian's Volcano Database.

Big Idea: The advent of the internet has given us phenomenal access to real-world data that we can use to make practicing basic operations more relevant and interesting for our students.

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