Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Teacher Conferences and Writing Our Good Copies - Day 7 Sharks - Section 3: Student/Teacher Conferencing


When I was getting my undergraduate degree I remember taking a writing methods class.  We had to read Lucy Calkins "The Art of Teaching Writing".  I remember reading about how the teachers they followed in the book were using Writer's Workshop in their classroom.  This was always such a confusing concept for me.  When I was observing in classrooms and doing my student teaching none of my mentor teachers were doing writer's workshop in their classrooms, and they were great teachers.

I think my classroom has evolved this year because of my work with the Master Teacher Project.  I've written these writing lessons and what I've found is that sometimes one lesson will kind of melt into another.  Students all work at different paces and have different kinds of struggles.  As a teacher I've learned to monitor and adjust to meet my students needs.  As a happy consequence of that, my classroom is really starting to look like a classroom that utilizes a true writer's workshop.  Just this unit, I stepped back and said to myself, "I think this is what a writer's workshop is supposed to look like."  

I learn something each time I teach a writing unit.  I continue to tweak things to make them better each time.  You will find this too.  I feel like Leo in the book "Leo the Late Bloomer".  It may have taken me 14 years to figure out how to do a writer's workshop but like Leo said at the end of the book, " I made it!" I have no doubt you will too.

  A True Writer's Workshop
  Adjustments to Practice: A True Writer's Workshop
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Teacher Conferences and Writing Our Good Copies - Day 7 Sharks

Unit 5: Analyzing Author's Craft and Expository Writing on Sharks
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Objective: SWBAT implement feedback and revise in order to improve their writing.

Big Idea: We are coming into the home stretch. After conferencing with the teacher, the students will implement the changes in their writing when creating their final draft.

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