Reflection: Student Ownership Writing Our Sloppy Copies and Peer Editing - Section 3: Peer Editing


This is my fourteenth year teaching.  I have never attempted peer editing before this year.  With the implementation of Common Core, I've had to change my teaching to incorporate more opportunities for students to learn from each other, not just me.

What I've realized is that it was good to start in baby steps, especially with things that my students and I are not particularly comfortable with.  That is the best advice I can give you: start small if you're not comfortable.  It's taken most of the year for me to keep offering opportunities for my students to become better with peer editing, but, like anything else, the more they get to practice with the checklist and the more they see good modeling from the teacher, the more they will improve. 

I am really happy with how my students are editing and able to offer feedback.  This is tremendous for first graders.  I think if we keep working on this skill and if I am able to seize those teachable moments and keep coaching them as they edit, all my students have the potential to go on to 2nd grade and be pretty good at editing and offering a peer quality feedback.I have a video here in the resource section of a great example of one of my student's peer editing example.  The video is a great example of what students are capable of if you give them the opportunity.

  Student Ownership: Giving Students The Power
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Writing Our Sloppy Copies and Peer Editing

Unit 5: Analyzing Author's Craft and Expository Writing on Sharks
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Objective: SWBAT finish putting together their informational paragraph using a topic sentence, supporting details, and a concluding sentence. Then SWBAT use peer editing to improve each other's work.

Big Idea: Writing our sloppy copies is easy. The checking of a peer's work and offering feedback is still a work in progress.

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