Reflection: Student Ownership From Notes to Questions - Section 2: Notes Analysis


     This is a very difficult process for my second graders.  I could have broken down the process into two steps.  First, students should understand the difference between literal and inferential.  Although they understood the difference, I should have gone further into explaining that inferential questions are not all interpretive.  Students have difficulty also differentiating  between interpretive and evaluative questions.  As the student sample shows (see source), all complex questions are interpretive in their eyes. This sample is indicative of the majority of my students who did not place any check marks under the "evaluative question" column.  In contrast, the answer key has three questions marked as "evaluative questions" (see source).  They do not fully understand that complex questions can also be evaluative or requiring answers from both the story and life experiences.  I will explore more in later lessons to ensure students grasp this concept.

  Student Ownership: Creating Questions
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From Notes to Questions

Unit 3: Shared Inquiry Discussion
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT generate interpretive questions.

Big Idea: Students will realize that interpretive questions generate inquiry.

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