Reflection: Staircase of Complexity Irregular made regular! - Section 4: Irregular figures roundtable


Getting students to recognize the shapes and then using the correct formula was the easy part.  They figured out how to break the shapes apart to make regular shapes.  The hardest part and the part most continued to get wrong was trying to find the missing side lenghts.  They just wanted to plug numbers in to the formula without making sense of what numbers they were using or needed.  In order to help them out, I gave them a post-it note.  We would cover up the shapes we weren't using.  Then I would ask "what numbers do you need for your formula?"  They would tell me and then they would look to see if they had both of those numbers.  If they didn't, then they would remove the post-it note to see how they could "make" the missing side length.  The post-it notes system worked two-fold.  One, it helped them only visualize the one shape and two, it was a reminder that there was more information given that could help up us out as needed.  

We continue to work on composite figures as it is a complex task that requires a good amount of effort.




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Irregular made regular!

Unit 8: Geometry
Lesson 6 of 17

Objective: SWBAT break figures into triangles, rectangles and trapezoids to find the area of irregular shapes.

Big Idea: Looking for a entry point and making connections between what we already know is a key focus in this lesson.

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irregular polygon problem solution
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