Reflection: Flexibility Fractions of a Set - Section 2: Active Engagement


As the activity took the full math session, I changed my plans midstream and the activity in this section became the evening's home practice piece.  I am confident that the children can complete the first and second question easily, while #3 may be a challenge.  

If you have more than adequate time for students to reason through these 3 problems, and to discuss them in some depth - then go on to use the home practice described in the next section.

However, my class wasn’t ready to complete this section and so I did not assign the activity described in the closing section, instead they are asked to complete these 3 problems, and we’ll open with them tomorrow.

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  Flexibility: Change of Plans
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Fractions of a Set

Unit 6: Unit Fractions
Lesson 12 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to find a fraction of a whole set.

Big Idea: Children see fractions as partitions of one whole object first. This lesson will begin them on the "tasty" path of finding fractions in a whole set.

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Math, Fractions, numerator, denominator, wholes, sets, partition, Critical Area, Literacy in Math
  50 minutes
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