Reflection: Lesson Planning Determining Characterization In Literature For Author Visit - Section 3: Group Work For Analyzing Character


This lesson got the best of me and time. I wish I had more time to get through the rest of the lesson where students really got to delve into the character's and answer the questions about author's purpose. Unfortunately, the class ended. This lesson would need to be revised in order for it to work successfully. I could have either assigned the quotes for homework and have students work in groups to answer the questions or I could have spent two days on this lesson. Since this is part of an informal unit, I will move on to the next lesson. The goal behind this unit is not really to analyze so much but just get an understand of an author's work in preparation for his visit.

Even though time ended, I still think this was a valuable lesson. By having a shared experience analyzing characters, students will hopefully be able to apply this to their own reading. They started to formulate their think about a book during this lesson and hopefully can apply that to their independent reading. Application of skills can be challenging but by working with them through their independent reading, that skill can be mastered (I hope!).

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Determining Characterization In Literature For Author Visit

Unit 11: Independent Reading II
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT analyze how certain lines reveal a character.

Big Idea: Characterization is not always about what the characters say. It's also what they do.

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