Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Sorting Functions - Section 3: Create Your Own Sort


For today's lesson I found it helpful for students to create their own function sorts. For example, the Student Sample Create Own Function Sort for Conceptual Understanding was completed by a group in my College Prep class. Having students create as a product of an activity pushes their thinking to better understand the day's concepts.

For this particular lesson, the benefit of having students create their own set of function sorts is to help students better conceptualize the idea of functions as describing a relationship between two variables. When students work with various representations of these relationships together, rather than as separate entities, the underlying/core idea of functions as relationships sometimes is clearer and easier understood by students.

  Student Led Inquiry: Creating Functions for Conceptual Understanding
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Sorting Functions

Unit 1: Thinking Like a Mathematician: Modeling with Functions
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT sort and match different representations of functions. SWBAT explain their reasoning for matching functions.

Big Idea: Students deepen their understanding through a sorting and matching task.

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