Reflection: Lesson Planning Debate Rehearsal - Section 1: Lesson Opener


After planning the debate and showing the students the teacher model, I thought to myself, "I should have done this as the first lesson. I liked my first lesson; showing videos of persuasive speeches to get students to think about debate and then showing them a debate, but those were not exactly what I wanted the students to do.

When I went through planning the teacher model, it helped my thinking as to what the students needed; my thought process and what I was challenging for me, helps me understand what will be challenging for students as they compose their debate. In the future, I will do my planning of the teacher model first to help inform my thinking for my lesson planning.  

  My learning from doing the teacher model
  Lesson Planning: My learning from doing the teacher model
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Debate Rehearsal

Unit 10: Engaging in Debate
Lesson 7 of 9

Objective: SWBAT rehearse their debate notes by watching a teacher example and then practicing with their partner.

Big Idea: Life may not be a dress rehearsal, but today is one!

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