Reflection: Pacing Applications of Quadratics Day 1 - Section 1: Launch


I am really glad I started with slides #2 and #3 because, first of all, it give me a good sense of which students I needed to keep a close eye on during the guided practice.  Second, it really served as a great launch into the lesson for students.  It gave them a little taste of what we were going to be working on but in a manageable chunk that they could feel successful with.  In my experience, when you do any algebraic word problems students get that "glazed over" look.  This warm up gave the students some confidence with simple expressions and when they worked on the word problems they saw them as "just a bunch of expressions put together."  

Often, we feel so rushed to get right into really complex content.  This is a good example where starting slow really did help us go much more quickly in the end. 

  Pacing: Start Simple
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Applications of Quadratics Day 1

Unit 6: Quadratic Functions
Lesson 6 of 21

Objective: SWBAT use a quadratic equation to model a mathematical situation.

Big Idea: Students use a graphic organizer to organize their thinking around solving quadratic word problems.

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