Reflection: Checks for Understanding Answering Text-Dependent Questions to Understand Life in Harlem During the Harlem Renaissance - Section 2: Building Knowledge


The words I used from my students feedback were: advent, impetus, influx, and stringent, transients.  I found that several students knew  the definition most of the words after I used it in a sentence.  To bring relevancy to the words, I used sentences that I felt related to their lives. For example for the word influx I said, "Yesterday we had an influx of several new students from Vietnam who had recently moved to Springfield."

  Teaching vocabulary
  Checks for Understanding: Teaching vocabulary
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Answering Text-Dependent Questions to Understand Life in Harlem During the Harlem Renaissance

Unit 2: An Introduction to Harlem Renaissance Writers: Critical and Creative Reading and Writing
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Objective: SWBAT comprehend an informational text about the Harlem Renaissance by using context clues to determine vocabulary definitions and by answering text dependent questions on a reading guide.

Big Idea: Before they begin to read the works of the Harlem Renaissance writers, students must understand what life was like in Harlem at the time.

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