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I carefully review the results of the Trimester Assessment. I look first for classroom trends. Are there things that all students seemed to struggle with? If all students are struggling in an area, then I can assume that what I taught, or how I taught it was not effective and I need to revisit this area in a different way. 

For this assessment, the area of need for most students was measurement. They were not clear on the difference between centimeters and inches, and some were still measuring beginning with the one instead of the end point of the ruler. I will now design a set of review lessons to make sure that I reteach these concepts to the students.

Next I look at the work of individual students. What areas are individual students struggling with? Do I need to design interventions to support misconceptions, or do I need to be aware as concepts resurface, that I will need to review prior learning before going on? For this review of the testing results I find several students who are still struggling with the addition and subtraction of tens and ones. I know that this  is an area that we will continue to visit and I will continue to provide experiences on a regular basis to reinforce the understanding of the value of tens and ones.

  Unit Exams: Looking at the Results
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Trimester Assessment Day

Unit 8: Numbers Have Patterns
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Objective: SWBAT solve a variety of problems concerning patterns and larger numbers.

Big Idea: It is important to assess understandings of concepts that students have worked on before moving ahead with new concepts or higher level thinking.

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