Reflection: Classroom Setup Getting Feedback Using Writers Circles - Section 3: Group Work


I always try to give students opportunities to solve their own problems. This can be when they are reflecting on their actions, creating a final draft or with something as simple as classroom transitions. If I give them a time frame and a problem they have to solve, like getting into groups without giving them all the steps, they will do it. They know how to get into groups, they do this in the lunchroom, when they are visiting with friends or congregating in the hallway.

Giving students the constraints and the outcome I desire without the steps give students important social and life skills in problem solving. Sometimes of course I need to step in and give them a suggestion, but most of the time, students are able to be their own problem solvers. 

  Having students problem solve
  Classroom Setup: Having students problem solve
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Getting Feedback Using Writers Circles

Unit 10: Engaging in Debate
Lesson 6 of 9

Objective: SWBAT revise their debate notes by participating in a writers circle.

Big Idea: Don't put your writing in a box, come to the circle!

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