Reflection: Checks for Understanding Addition: Getting Kids to "Talk Through" Their Regrouping - Section 2: Getting Warmed Up: Checking out their habits!


I saw some bad habits, in my opinion. Firstly, many had been taught to insert the regrouped number between the place values of the addend rather than on top or below. The regrouped number is between them. There were several students writing it like this. All I can think of is that they are confusing subtraction regrouping, because I have had students insert regrouped numbers between the digits in the subtrahend.  In my opinion, these short cuts create confusion and push away from the mastery of understanding of place value that CCSS expects.  CCSS negates the need for shortcuts and emphasizes the need for accuracy, understanding and fluency. I can see from this short exercise the importance of getting them to fluently talk about regrouping when they add and subtract larger numbers.

I also saw some subtraction going on while adding larger numbers! I saw that some students could not line up numbers neatly and knew that I needed to provide them with graph paper to help them organize their numbers before adding.

These short 15 minutes have deepened my understanding of my students and their needs.


  Checks for Understanding: What I noticed and what I need to focus on.
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Addition: Getting Kids to "Talk Through" Their Regrouping

Unit 10: Addition and Subtraction: Algorithms to One Million
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Objective: SWBAT explain regrouping in a standard algorithm using place value talk.

Big Idea: In this lesson students learn to "talk through" their multi-digit addition. They use technology to help them practice.

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