Reflection: Student Ownership Using Area as an Architect (Stations Day 3) - Section 4: Architectural Adventures: Stations Day 3 & Day 4


Prior to teaching this lesson series I was unsure if giving them four days to work on related tasks would be the appropriate amount of time.  What I observed is that students were just as engaged on the last day as they were on the first, and I think this is due to two factors.  

First of all, the task they were working on presented enough challenge to be interesting without pushing them to the point of frustration.  Secondly, within the constraints set at each station (their floorplan could not be larger than 1 page, they needed to make all the rooms on the required list, all rooms needed to be rectalinear) there was space for individual creativity and variations. Giving students enough room to express themselves and draw individual meaning from a task while also making it defined enough so that they know how to proceed can be a tricky balancing act in relatively open-ended tasks such as these.  I also observed students making larger leaps with both basic skills of calculating area and applying this knowledge to their floor plan design as the days progressed.  They were able to transfer what they had practiced on a prior day, in another center, to the next day's experience.  

  Creativity within Confinement
  Student Ownership: Creativity within Confinement
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Using Area as an Architect (Stations Day 3)

Unit 14: Area and Perimeter
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT complete their floor plan and calculate / analyze the area of rooms in a real architect's drawing of a proposed orphanage .

Big Idea: Math Matters! Students can use knowledge of multiplication and area to construct floor plans!

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