Reflection: Real World Applications Quotes in Motion....Animating Dr. Seuss - Section 1: Preparing the Slides


I don't know about your students, buy my students have very little experience working with computers so I found it necessary to break this task down into baby steps with excessive amounts of modeling.  Giving students the graphic organizer first was helpful and modeling the slide was the key.  I also included 3 sets of step by step directions- one at each computer for the students to refer to if they had questions, but the amazing thing is that they didn't need them!  The students were so hooked on the animation that they remembered the steps.  The one thing I should have reviewed was how to change the font and size of font in each box.  I ended up doing that as each pair asked, but doing it as a whole group would have saved me a lot of time.

One other thing I did to save time was to bring up the Power Point program and put the slides in the sorter before the students began.  Doing this eliminated a step for the students and ensured they all worked in the correct slide.

Overall this was a successful lesson and my students who many times have trouble using technology had no trouble completing their slides.  They were so excited to have completed it and I know I can have them use it again to present information in other lessons.

  Reflection: Computer Success!!
  Real World Applications: Reflection: Computer Success!!
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Quotes in Motion....Animating Dr. Seuss

Unit 16: Celebrating Seuss!!
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT use Power Point to create a slide complete with three animated sections.

Big Idea: Being able to manipulate technology to present information is a skill necessary for life beyond 4th grade.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Vocabulary and Literary Terms, power point, Dr. Seuss, paraphrasing
  50 minutes
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