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     I find that students need a lot of modeling and guidance, especially in this age group.  Having taught third grade in previous years, I find that second graders need more concrete examples to guide them through the socrratic seminar, whereas third graders did not need much guidance.  Therefore, I decided that students can write down what they want to say during their debate and use their "scripts" during the debate.  I also directed the order via a moderator or facilitator that passed around a microphone prop, so that students knew only one person can speak at a time.  The microphone indicates which person is talking.  After trying various methods, the microphone works the best because it is a concrete representation of whose turn it is to speak.

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Friendly Controversy

Unit 11: FINDS Research
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Objective: SWBAT state opinions, cite supportive evidence, and persuade others to believe their side of a friendly argument.

Big Idea: How do I convince others to understand my side of the story? Second grade students conducted shared research activities and participated in a Socratic Seminar practicing the techniques of persuasive reasoning.

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