Reflection: High Quality Task Rose Garden: Convert Customary Measurement - Section 2: Guided Practice


This was a high quality task that students had to complete. It was also a real world task. I chose to have students extend the same problem, so the two problems had a distinct connection, and a real world possibility or problem that could happen. The process of following the steps seemed to really help the students "map" out their thinking because then they knew where they were in solving the problem. (Many of my students want and expect answers very quickly, and shut down if it doesn't come to them immediately.) This set of problems built up my students' endurance to solve math problems which was my intention.

  High Quality Task: Garden
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Rose Garden: Convert Customary Measurement

Unit 5: Measurement
Lesson 7 of 16

Objective: SWBAT to convert feet to yards to problem solve, while reviewing perimeter.

Big Idea: Help Jaime before her roses get destroyed! Figure out how many yards of fencing she'll need, and how much money she'll need to spend, to fence in her beautiful rose garden before the dogs trample it!

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