Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Finding Themes - Section 1: Do Now: Human Problems


If you watched the enactment of this section, you likely noted that not ALL student responses were themes. A few of my more politically-minded students responded with complaints about the president or congressional issues (at least they are civic-minded). This opened the door for a consideration of what separates those issues from themes of humanity--do they impact everyone? Do they occur across time? If not, they might not be human themes. It's okay that students brought up these problems (despite the fact that they weren't what I was looking for), but it's also important to then use them as non-examples.

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  Discourse and Questioning: Plans Oft Go Awry
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Finding Themes

Unit 2: Finding Themes and Making Inferences in Literature
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Objective: Students will be able to identify multiple themes in a text and explain how they relate by analyzing poems and literature circle novels.

Big Idea: One theme, two theme, three theme, more--connections we'll explore.

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